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Happy 2015!

By 1899houseb13771320, Jan 26 2015 12:32AM

The 2014 holidays have passed, but though it was not a traditional "white Christmas" we had some lovely guests sharing the 1899 House hospitality with us, as well as the huge, glorious Pacific Northwest conifer that graced the bay window space. We had a few close friends over for our own Christmas Day leg of lamb dinner, but also had friends gather for seasonal eggnog (Gillian's Aunt Jo's Oklahoma recipe!), and a couple of potlucks. The traditional holiday letter each year begins with the full view photo, below, with Louie saluting whatever progress has been made on the exterior.

During our 115th year, "progress" included total restoration of the signature horseshoe balcony on the third floor, thanks to a grant from the Spokane Preservation Advocates. All Victorian trim colors were completed on the west and south entry porches and west windows. All storm windows on the west side were repointed and reglazed, painted and remounted. Damaged siding and moulding was replicated and installed, just as we were called away by a family emergency. When we returned, freezing weather and rain halted all further work on the house exterior.

It's hard to see all that was accomplished. You may also not have noticed that the tree Louie is standing by is no longer the large, ill-placed black locust. After starting an eletrical fire last winter, Spokane Urban Forestry removed it and its fellow elm, and replaced it with the small, red Persian Ironwood (or Parrot tree) you see. We hope to replace the shrubs as well, with topiary art, in spring 2015.

Work on the interior continues, as guests come and go. Our thanks go with them, as well as our many friends and supportive family. We are truly blessed!

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