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After entering and registering on the main floor, guests may enjoy use of the living and dining rooms, with cookies, from breakfast to 10:00 p.m.  After hours, guests have a private entry code for their own room and the west guest entry door.  Breakfast times are flexible, and most dietary needs and allergies can be accommodated,within reason.  Please chat with your Innkeeper.

While staying at 1899 House Bed & Breakfast, take advantage of our second floor hospitality suite. This suite is for the complimentary use of all our guests, and was once an entire convenience apartment.  Rarely, it will be in use as part of the Dora Suite.  The Innkeeper will tell you, prior to your booking, if it is unavailable during your stay.

The hospitality suite features a DVD library, a mid-century, one-piece kitchenette with a sink, pantry storage, and refrigerator (use of the range is not permitted). It also features a CuisineArt automatic water heater, juices, bottled water, instant coffee, tea, and cocoa, as well as glassware, available in the pantry and refrigerator.  Please let the Innkeeper know if your party has any other, or special needs.

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Hospitality Suite and common areas...

For families with older children (we do take well-behaved children, aged 6 and older),  the hospitality suite with its trundle beds, can be reserved along with the Dora suite. A popular option for families, these two areas are connected by a small hallway. When rented as part of Dora, this otherwise common space is not available to Rigsby guests.  Again, your Innkeeper will tell you if the suite is not available, prior to your booking Rigsby.

For use by all of our guests

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