Panarama View 1899 House Bed & Breakfast

Since purchasing 1899 House Bed & Breakfast in 2002, Louie Flores has been faithfully working on restoring it to its former glory; Gillian and other artisans joined the team in 2010. The exterior renovations started at the top, removing many layers of roofing materials, including the original cedar shingles.  South and West face exterior paint was completed in 2015.  East and North faces are prepped for Victorian colors in 2017.

As the house had been converted into a six-unit apartment building in the 1950s, decade's worth of former tenants' items and trash left behind had to be removed, and many repairs effected.

Historic homes are always being renovated. Keep an eye on us!

•  Third floor apartment

•  North porch completion (2017 target)

•  Exterior painting : North and East faces before snowfall in 2017

-  East garden and gazebo, summer 2017

-  West parlor bath, 2017

We are grateful that 4 projects have been completed with 2 Heritage Grants from the Spokane Preservation Advocates (SPA).


Restoring our home to its former glory

Clearing out the interior

Future renovations

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design-01 west-porch-before



3rd-floor-before 3rd-floor-after



west-side-paint west-side-paint2



West guest entry door and steps columns finished